Everyone needs a good pair of rubber shoes, trust me on this one. I cannot believe that at one point when I was younger I actually hated rubber shoes (popularly known as ngomaz) 😀. I think it comes with growing up because these things are a must have especially if you like comfort. Besides that I have also found a way to style almost every single of my outfit with ngomaz. I find them looking really cute with short dresses, jeans and shorts. Today I paired my ngomaz with denim pants and a flowered sweatshirt. If you don’t got a […]Read More »


    Heeeey! End week is here Yaaaay!. Thursday def is the new Friyaaay. Cold season is here too and I’m hoping everyone is keeping warm…. This ain’t my very favorite weather because for some reason I find it very limiting when it comes to dressing 🙁🙁🙁I bet summer bunnies can relate. I also hate having to carry extra shoes and an umbrella because Nairobi weather is unpredictable lately!. I just don’t like carrying the extra luggage(umbrella esp!, sandals, makeup bag, deo, perfume, coat, gloves) damn it. I’m currently heading out to a not so official meeting and I settled for this […]Read More »


    Hey you! OMG guys can you believe it’s Easter again!???? Time is really flying soooooo fast. I remember Easter last year soo vividly as if it were yesterday. Being bored and single and not really having any plan and as much as I am still single this year, one thing is for sure,this year I am a more happy person being single, just finding me, getting to know me and loving me. Sometimes being in a relationship makes one loose themselves and you often find yourself not being your own entity because you are used to being a part of […]Read More »


    Hey beautiful, Idk if I’m the only human that uses the beach just to get my tan on and to take pictures😯??? It used to be fun taking a dip in the water when I was younger but not anymore. I don’t like the salty water in my eyes(because I swim with my eyes open) and also in my hair. A plus for being at the beach though is the fact that you walk around with almost no clothes and no one judges. HOW COOL????. Among my beach must haves are a nice pair of glasses, kimono for a cover […]Read More »


    Hey everyone, I hope every single one of you is keeping up well. Whatever inspired this outfit was basically not having packed enough clothes for my trip and I wanted to meet my friend for lunch.I didn’t really want to do shorts or a trouser and I hadn’t carried any dress with me…sooo i figured this grey vest top would do just fine as a dress. It is a pretty long vest top hence it totally worked.This look would be perfect for the club also…that was where i was headed later in the night. This Kiondo is my newest find.I […]Read More »

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